Drafting Letters, Review Documents, Witness Statements, Filing Court Forms, Organizing Bundles, and More…  

Please take look at the resource section where I share guidance on most forms including a complete HandBook for self-representation. If you need further assistance, although I cannot offer legal advice, I can help you prepare most of your formal documents such as:

  • Drafting Letter of Claims or guide you in preparing a response
  • Filling in Court Forms (N1, N244, etc…)
  • Review and Organize your court bundle or witness statement
  • Draft negotiation offers settlement agreement
  • Review particular document, spreadsheet, evidence for your business or case
  • Help you in drafting a claim form or guide you in preparing your response
  • Discuss your case in confidence and informally, most matters can be resolved with a well-prepared court form or formal document.
  • Review your case to ensure you meet your obligations following Pre-Action Protocol (PAP) and adhere to Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) 
  • Help you to review your evidence and make an application to set the Judgment aside
  • Offer consultation to prepare you for a Court Hearing attendance
  • Help you to draft correspondence for the Court’s


Not sure what to do?  Request confidential consultation here.


A Polite Reminder:I DON’T do: Any criminal work; traffic violations and Parking fines or charges; residential real estate; patent registrations; probate;

Acting As a McKenzie Friend As I spend my day in the Corporate, generally, I cannot offer to accompany you to a Hearing until further notice, please feel free to discuss any availability.