Fee Retainer 

The legal industry is dictated by hefty hourly rates where literally time is money, however, I prefer to work as much as possible on a “flat fee” basis so you know exactly where you stand. Whether you are simply looking for support and clarity on your legal affairs or whether you require some more extensive work such as document or form drafting, I will always give an estimate upfront. This will obviously depend on your requirements and the particulars of the case itself. If you are not sure, please contact me to discuss your requirements. 

Urgent Consultation: £25 Flat Fee – a confidential consultation where we can discuss your case in detail, review all the facts, the procedural rules, and discuss your available options.

Extensive Consultation: £60 Flat Fee – This is perfect if you require extensive assistance in reviewing documents, contracts, statements, preparing court bundles, help with drafting/filing court forms, file a defence or a counter-claim, prepare for a court hearing etc… Please let me know immediately of any deadline in order to organize and prioritize your particular application or case

Please note each case is treated confidentially. Every case is different and everyone has individual requirements. If you require a quote that differs from the above fee schedule, feel free to discuss with me any particular requirement you may have.